19 comments on “New firmware for Samsung Galaxy 551

  1. Hey Waveboy CSC files are just region specific files.Not of much importance.The important file is PDA which is KD4.Froyo is version is 2.2.1 or 2.2.2 since both z4root and UniversalAND root stopped working. SOC works .

  2. I use my old CSC files because it’s a pain to change language from Slovenia to English on flashing.New CSC files are usually introduced when the countries are extended .

      • i dont know of countries. I just downloaded the last one in the samfirmware.com from the europe section. That did not have the youtube client.now i have downloaded another one from april and now i have got youtube back

  3. The CSC file can’t add a language support if it isn’t already supported by the firmware, is that true ?
    can I add Arabic language support for an European firmware ?

      • When I updated there was only one firmware, these other 3 are added recently.
        So now, I’ll flash with KD3 one, but I wanna know what’s new in it ?
        And, what is the difference between it and the other mentioned one on the Turkish section “I5510JVKE1”, it’s said the it’s also an Arabic firmware but it’s newer, can I flash with it ? will it have Arabic language support ?

      • And What about “I5510JVKE1” ? does it support Arabic language ?

  4. Hey any one plz help…!!!
    my phone is from india which firmware i can use for upgradeing??
    which has english??

    • there is an indian firmware though its from January 2011. Or you can download the european one. Its easy to switch language. I always download european and then change the language to english. Press Menu button, select settings, and then you will find the language and keyboard option which is easily identifiable because of the picture beside that. Then just change it to english 🙂

    • Just to be on a safer side.Download the DD firmware and european firmware. Use CSC and amss_phone of DD i.e Indian firmware and Boot and PDA of European firmware.
      That way you get Indian settings and radio and European System .:) Thats what I did.However no problems if you have pure european .The usual language is slovenian .

  5. Hi,
    I flashed my galaxy 551 (Indian) from stock froyo 2.2 to XWKPH 2.3.6
    I want to switch back to froyo 2.2.
    Is there any way to do this via kies or do I need to flash it manually again?

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