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  1. Hey,
    try this site.Maybe using the gingerbread kernel and samsung modules we can try to recreate 2.3 on 551.

  2. I installed DarkTremors2SD using a super idiotic method.I will format the SD card with ext3 and will let you know if install to SD works. :D.Do you know how to back up ROM?

    • sadly …i dont know…but you can re-install a new firmware …safe

      • Actually I devised a third method to install live wallpapers.
        If I couldn’t backup my ROM,I will create an update pack which will change some things ,maybe add flac support ,custom launchers.It wont be as flashy as CM but hey it is a start :D.

  3. My ROM is customised more than enough.Will try and update you in a while

  4. Sir, i have an samsung galaxy mini (pop) with android froyo 2.2 .Recently i rooted the device and installed rom manager. After that i clicked flash clockwork mod recovery and selected an unknown device.

    THen i clicked reboot into recovery button and suddenly the phone turned off .

    And upto this time i have tried everything but the phone seems to be bricked .

    I tried many key combinations but nothing worked ….

    Please help ………….

    • you can try to go back to service..and say that the phone is not starting after you charge it…they have to fix it

      i dont know your phone, i am specialized in Galaxy 551…you can try xda.com forums….but i think you brick it because you didnt had to flash clockwork mod recovery and selected an unknown device.

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