15 comments on “Samsung Galaxy 551 – Custom UI

  1. Hi , I’ve installed this “theme” on my samsung galaxy 551 But I want to know how to put the “original theme”
    How can I do ??
    Good job!

    • you can replace in the update.zip the framwork.apk and after that you will apply the update again, or…if i have time to do it ill put it here the “original”

  2. if I use the framework only will I get this lockscreen? What will be missing then? It seems T+power doesnt work on my phone

  3. if i do this will i be able to go back to the original one? and will doing this screw up my waranty or guarantee?

  4. no podrias hacer un tutorial ev video tu disculpa pero es que esta combinacion de teclas no me funciona

  5. Hey cool theme! Awesome job! Please post an update.zip for the original theme as well as some people might want to revert back to the original one.

    • Hah! I figured it out myself. 😉 Loving the new theme!

      Just had to save the stock Samsung .apk files before applying this update. Used one your previous Live Wallpapers tutorials to read/write system folders.

      Once again, awesome work man! Keep it up! (Y)

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