3 comments on “No Facebook friends on Twitter

  1. 😀 ,Ironically your post against twitter has been tweeted twice. I am actually against both Facebook and twitter .But wordpress.com gives only four options of syncing .While yahoo and MSN date from old men’s club ,face book is just too annoying with ads and idiotic comments. The facebook page of Arkas didn’t sync well too 😦 .With twitter is was just a matter of 10 minutes and the sync is pretty fast.
    And google is annoying with google+ .It was exciting in 2005 ,waiting and begging for invites ,posting about the proud achievement of recieving a invite.Now I dont even bother .It will be good if they just hurry up with google+ and integrate it with wordpress.com .

  2. actually i want to try gooooooogle+ because facebook lacks at privacy and in nowadays every idiot has facebook…(i have but i use to play games 🙂 )

    • Well I want google+ too 😀 .But I dont like invite based system.Whats the point in waiting !!
      snobs dont want to give an invite .Two of my “friends ” have google+ and they dont want to share.Or google plugged the invites since today at 4:00 servers were overloaded due to requests.
      DISQUS is also nice ,it’s plain and not very famous .


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