10 comments on “What Android Apps do you use?

  1. 1.Talking tom 🙂
    3.adobe reader
    6.opera mini
    8.tune in radio

  2. I understand that one cannot revert the superoneclick root operation so we could unroot the phone and send it to Samsung repair center.
    What exactly have you seen after the hard reset which indicated remaining root?

    • when i hard reset, i still had the phone rooted, and live wallpapers were still on the phone.
      with superoneclick root, you can un-root also. i did it and it works

      • yaaa i too formated n live wallpapers are still there 🙂

      • Thanks for your reply.
        So if I unroot my i5510, i’ll have the original stock rom back and SuperOneClick reverts all of it’s changes on the system?

  3. my galaxy 551 does not support the live wallpaper feature ?? how can i activate this particular feature ??

  4. 1. Skyfire
    2. Talking Tom
    3. Android Booster
    4. Advanced Task Killer
    5. APKoptic
    6. Apps2SD
    7. Link2SD
    8. AppBrain
    9. WiFi Manager
    10. Astro File Manager

  5. APNdroid
    Share Apps
    Google Chrome to Phone
    TweetDeck (Twitter, Facebook)
    Spare Parts Plus! (no ads)
    MoboPlayer Codec for ARM V6VFP
    Android Terminal Emulator
    Boat Browser Mini
    StopWatch & Timer
    Catch Notes
    OpenOffice Document Reader
    RealCalc Scientific Calculator
    Cover Art Downloader
    Barcode Scanner
    Expense Manager
    Qual Operadora?
    TouchWiz AppSorter
    Fast Web Installer
    Google Reader
    Unix & Linux Commands
    Wallpaper Rotator by Akalom
    Widgetsoid2.x donate
    imo instant messenger
    SD Maid Pro – Unlocker

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