105 comments on “Samsung Galaxy 551 Firmware

  1. Hi
    I have the DDJK4(November 2010,2.2)
    I expect 2.3 and Adobe flash in the next upgrade
    Just want to ask you
    Whats your processor speed .
    Processor speed info is located in
    Can you confirm that it is 600 MHz or 667 MHZ?
    Mine is showing 600 MHz(sob ,sob)
    If it is 600 i would expect 667 in next update.

  2. i cant see…i see there a lot of files…how can i open them..and where i can see the speed
    if u root your phone, you can install SetCPU or CPU Tuner and it will say to you the speed
    CPU Tuner say that maximum speed is 600 😦

  3. SetCPU was what made me curious.
    With half a dozen sites informing about 667Mhz proc.
    the cpuinfo_max_freq is the maximum frequency of phone.
    I used notepad
    but i suppose it can also be read in terminal.
    It shows 600000 when it should be 667000.

  4. Trying and trying and trying .
    cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/cpuinfo_max_freq

    gives you direct output in terminal emulator and cmd-adb shell

    As far as i have read,cpuinfo is info file.
    It’s the max scaling limit. 😦

  5. Hi, were you able to update your firmware?

    I’ve been trying to find high and low for a custom rom for the gt-i5510 to no avail. My current firmware is I5510DXJK5. Would it be wise to update to one of the firmwares mentioned on this post?

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  6. Great, thanks!

    I hope we get a custom rom like Cyanogen. Battery consumption is really a bummer for this phone. I’m able to make it last for almost a day with wi-fi turned on or playing mp3s.

  7. @Drew
    I wouldnt update an European firmware on a south east asian phone.Still flash at your own risk.:).If you wanna save battery ,you can underclock the lower cpu frequency .Use setCPU if you dont want any terminal hassle.

    • i have an Arabic phone, and i put an European update, because i hate other languages on phone and electronic stuff except English…and it is a newer fw

      • Interesting. Thank you for your inputs.

        As for the CFW, anything aside from stock is a good update for me.

        @karan – I’ll try setCPU. I used to have an HTC 710 which had an omap over clock app which worked great. Is setCPU the best overclock/underclock app for the 551? I’m not really particular if it’s a paid app or not.

        @waveboy2u – what are your inputs upon changing firmware? Did you notice better battery consumption or any other benefits? If it’s simply a higher firmware version without significant benefits then I’ll stay with my current firmware.

        Thanks again

  8. Well European fw didnt work on my older SE K810i ,so I usually avoid flashing fw of other countries.

    • Try the Samroid forums… it shows something about the odin software to update your firmware.

      I’m planning to update my firmware as well although I’m still checking for the benefits.

  9. @Drew
    I use Better terminal Emulator.I manually set the freq.
    CPU tuner is free i guess and better .
    In my opinion Set CPU and CPU tuner are doing the same thing.
    Modifying the cpufreq files.
    They are more suited for HTC phones and most profiles are revolved around HTC.
    Until someone decides to make a custom kernel for 551(Super unlikely),we are stuck to 600MHz bottleneck. 😦

      • Kernel modding usually means inserting custom modules.If you can find the board used in 551 ,custom modules like over clocking,swap space ,direct SD storage to increase the memory can be done.Tried to insert three different Overclock modules without success.

    • Cant speciy any particular thread.Try the ubuntu/Debian forums.I began modding from there.

  10. I took the plundge and updated the firmware. It’s good, easy and fast. However, would it be possible to edit the firmware located in Samfirmware tweaked so that only the application i choose are installed? I believe this is where the ROM kitchen is used. Am I correct?

    • Is your firewall enabled? I suggest having it temporarily disabled when doing the odin update. I didnt disable mine and would give me an error detecting a driver because my firewall would always block it. I had to allow the driver and the process each time and also reconnect my phone each time thus the firewall would allow one driver and process at a time. Bottom line, make sure that when you connect your phone, all the drivers should be detected with Odin on.

      Hope that helps. For your reference, I’m currently using Win7. I also flashed the latest European build.

      • @waveboy2u

        Would you happen to know if Android Kitchen is applicable to the Galaxy 551? I’d like to restart my phone and it would already have all the applications I want installed. If not, I’m stuck in using Titanium Backup.

        Thanks in advance.

    • The galaxy S will get 2.3 in may..
      551 will get it in 2012.Some super frustrated dude will make it.

  11. Has anyone experienced wifi problems with your 551? I noticed this around 2 days ago and upon checking the net, the say it’s a common thing for Froyo… I hope they get a fix about it soon 😦

  12. I have the latest one in Samdroid. It seems to be ok now when I reset the phone to factory default. I think it was due to one of the applications I installed.

  13. i know it isn’t the topic but, i wanna now if this phone can play the GBA emulator smoothly and how much time the battery lives with wifi and 3g off
    tanks =)

  14. the current firmware i have is DDJK4 and if i update it to XWKA7 will this cause any problem? and should i take a backup of my contacts & others applications when i start flashing??

  15. hey i hve a problem with my wi-fi when i scan for a wi-fi network it is shown in the scan though when i try to connect to the same the wi-fi network disappears can any one help me out.is there any problem with my phone or it is because of froyo ? ? ?

  16. I have purchased a Galaxy 551 phone a month ago,
    my phone has an Arabic enabled firmware, because I live in Egypt, and It has Froyo v2.2.1
    When I enter “About” page, it says that my firmware baseband version is “I5510JXJK3” and build number is “FROYO.JPJL1” and Kies read firmware as “PDA:JL1/PHONE:JK3/CSC:JL1(XSG)”
    What exactly is my firmware version ?
    And may I use the current Arabic firmware version on Samfirmware.com to upgrade mine ?
    Can I use another European firmware to upgrade mine ? and in this case what will I loss ? and will I be able to use Arabic keyboard or what ?

    • I5510JXJK3 is the firmware .It’s 2.2 not 2.2.1
      Here is what you should do .
      Download the Arabic firmware I5510JPKA1
      Download the KD4 European firmware
      From the Arabic firmware keep the CSC file
      From the European firmware keep the PDA,phone and bootloader files
      In Odin use the CSC of Arabic and the other three files of Europe
      After the phone restarts type
      *#272* IMEI #
      where IMEI is your IMEI number
      In the menu click on EGY for egypt.The phone will reboot and you will have your settings.

      • I’ve done as you said exactly.. BUT !!!

        when I start Odin after selecting the files as you said, it stops after 4 seconds telling that “mibib” file is unknown file.
        I tried with the last 2 versions of KD4 firmware for Europe.
        I googled for that but found nothing more than some ‘hocus bocus’ .. and my phone died showing on screen an image of a pc and mobile with a lost connection between them.
        But I managed to boot it up again when I use the Arabic firmware as a one package in Odin.
        And thanks to God, I have it back again.
        But, I must know what’s going wrong in that process ??

      • I’ve done as you said exactly.. BUT !!!

        when I start Odin after selecting the files as you said, it stops after 4 seconds telling that “mibib” file is unknown file.
        I tried with the last 2 versions of KD4 firmware for Europe.
        I googled for that but found nothing more than some ‘hocus bocus’ .. and my phone died showing on screen an image of a pc and mobile with a lost connection between them.
        But I managed to boot it up again when I use the Arabic firmware as a one package in Odin.
        And thanks to God, I have it back again.
        But, I must know what’s going wrong in that process ??

  17. hmm ,interesting.Yours is the first one to behave like this.
    Did you check the OPS
    Did you extract and select the four files
    Is the arabic firmware only one package ?
    The bootloader seems to be problematic.

    • OPS files is CALLISTO_v1.0.ops downloaded from SamFirmware.com
      I’ve extracted the three files (Phone,PDA,Bootloader) and enter the path of the .tar file for CSC and try again after extracting it from the file.
      Arabic firmware .rar file contains one .tar file when extracting it, it contains :
      1- boot.img
      2- csc.rfs
      3- recovery.img
      4- system.rfs
      5- amss
      But I believe that the error in European bootloader file which contains “mibib” file, though I try twice, with the two different versions of the KD4 firmware which are in the end of the list.
      What do u think was the problem ?

      • Very interesting .Nope.You cant flash European firmware on your phone.You will have to rebuild your firmware.How ?No Idea till now dude.Gimme two months and I will have an indepth tutorial on custom ROMS.
        What phone do you have .5510 or 5510L,M,T,BR.
        Flashing doesnt work on L version as of now .

      • I dunno exactly what version I have, but in the system menu it says under “Model Number” section that I have “GT-I5510”
        And haven’t you any other idea I can test to upgrade my phone ?
        After 2 months there will be an official upgrade for gingerbread as I know ?!

      • Dude, I have another question that may solve this problem,
        should I use the CALLISTO.OPS which came with the Arabic firmware or the other one which came with European firmware ?
        My failure launch was with OPS file which came with Arabic firmware, will that make any difference ?

  18. Dude ,you are telling this now.OPS is the script file in which odin is flashed.No wonder it showed the error .Flash with the european firmware/OPS and we are good.

    • When I went to samfirmware.com to get an .OPS file, I realized that there is only one link to download this CALLISTO.OPS file and that one is what I already used !!!
      Anyway, I downloaded it again and I’ll give it a try NOW!
      By the way, the contents of this CALLISTO.OPS file are as follow :

      Is that right ?

    • I DID IT !!!!
      Now, What’s new may I expect ?
      In “About Phone” menu it says :
      Android version: GT-I5510
      Baseband version: I5510JXJK3
      Build number: FROYO.JPKA1
      as you see, the only change is in build number !! is that right ?
      And in Kies it says:
      again the changes were in PDA and CSC ?
      So what ?

  19. Wait man,
    when I put the CSC file I referred to the whole .tar file of the arabic firmware, does it make any diffrence if I extract it and point to the CSC file only ?

    • When I extract CSC file and put it in ODIN, the update fails and put an European firmware with no Arabic language support.
      So, I retried again as previous, and same results again.

  20. Clear this dude
    Can you flash complete European firmware ?
    Can you flash complete Arabian firmware ?
    How many tar.md5 files are there in arabian firmware ?

    • Can you flash complete European firmware ? Yes
      Can you flash complete Arabian firmware ? Yes
      How many tar.md5 files are there in arabian firmware ? None

      Something else, after flashing as you mentioned, I can’t find many many apps on the market (i.e. Titanium Backup, Go Launcher, ADW Launcher, …) ?!!
      Although, I use XSG and these apps were downloadable with the prev. firmware.

  21. And the problems begin !!!
    1- Market itself can’t be updated.
    2- Can’t find many many apps on the market like “Go Launcher EX”, “ADW Launcher”
    3- I managed to get offline .apk file for “EX Launcher”, when I install it, it magically disappeared after restarting.
    4- The same thing happened with “Swype”, it works fine as long as I didn’t restart.
    5- WiFi hangs for a while until I restart.
    6- There is a lag in the touch response.
    7- I still have android v2.2, should it be 2.2.1 ?

    Now, I want to go back !! I can’t !!
    And I wonder, If I installed a fully European firmware, will it be possible to read/write my messages (SMS) in Arabic ? and if not, where can I find my original Arabic firmware ? I tried to install the samfirmware.com Arabic firmware but nothing get better !!!

  22. Actually JK1,4 and 7 are faulty firmwares.
    More of experimental sort

    Back up the CSC files using Ti back up.Check the method on andriodforums .
    Flash with european firmware.
    Restore CSC and we are good.
    For your original firmware ,go to care centre and ask them to restore.it.

    • And how the hill I ended with messy firmware ?
      I did exactly as you said !!
      I get this European firmware the last one
      “I5510XWKD4 ## CSC – I5510OXXKD3 CALLISTO.OPS Android 2.2 2011 April 25”
      And from this Arabic firmware
      “I5510JPKA1 ## CALLISTO.OPS Android 2.2 2011 January”
      I got the CSC file.
      And my baseband version says that I have a JK3 ?
      Why do u think that I have a JK1,4 or 7 firmware ?
      Now, I’ll try to flash European firmware “I5510XWKD4 ## CSC – I5510OXXKD3” with it’s CSC file, but you didn’t answer me, will I be able to read Arabic language ?
      Anyway, I’ll give it a try …
      MAy GOD be with me
      Again, how I ended up with a JK1,4 and 7

  23. I managed to put an Arabic CSC file with the other 3 files from last European firmware, but after flashing with that I discovered that there is not Arabic language support to read or write any Arabic letter ?
    Is there a solution for this situation ? can I add Arabic support for the European firmware ?
    Another Q. :
    What if I changed my region settings (CSC file) will it affect the phone operation by any way ?

  24. HI;
    can anyone post a step by step tutorial on how to update and wat are the benefits of update .
    My firmware is DDJK4 . Should i update? and if yes then to which firmware?

    I have already rooted my phone using zdroot and have enabled Live Wallpaper using Droid Explorer , thanks to this blog n some others. 🙂 …(but im still a noob 😀 lol )


  25. Okay.. seriously i am a dummy in here.. how do you upgrade Galaxy 551 android 2.2 to gingerbread?? and what is this firmware thing? Why are there so many files?

  26. i have downloaded a new firmware from sam firmware.com for 5510

    when i have extracted the file .rar i found only single file .tar

    where & how to flash it

    plz help


  27. Hi
    Please tell me that flashing an european firmware in an asian phone will be ok or can lead to any problem

  28. i purchase my samsung i5510 in months of june 2011.Its working very slow pls tell me what to do coz i cannot upgrade my phone by kies also.kies cannot show any updated firmware.

  29. I am unable to use voice control with a Blueant T1 headset. The 551 uses datapackets for the voice control. i do not use a data plan, only wifi for internet usage. I am currently running 2.2.2. if I downgrade to 2.2.1 will this resolve the issue. I am unclear if that change was made in the OS.

  30. noy sure if this is the right place to ask but i have recently upgraded an gt-5510m everything works fine except my gps it worked with the froyo version but now nothing how can i fix this or is there another way the gt-i5510 ius an bell phone any pointer if there is an better version or an gingerbread 2.3.6 from canada?

  31. hi there okay well i have an bell samsung gt-i 5510m but i cant find the right froyo anymore i have no idea witch one it is so if anyone can point me in to the right direction that would be great the last time i tryed from samfirmware it didnt do any thing so if anyone have any cleu to get it bqack to the original firmware many thnxs

  32. hi um i have a samsung GT-I5510 and i would like to update my android 2.2 to the latest one..my baseband version is I5510DXJK5 and my build number is FROYO.DXJK5. I tried samfirmware but I couldn’t find one…which firmware should i download?

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