15 comments on “Samsung Galaxy 551 Live Wallpaper – Video

  1. hey thanx a lot man i got i enabled on my galaxy 5510

    now my next q is how to use swype on it …/? the box says it includes swype but i cant find it anywhere .. n last but not the least … how to make video call from it ..? i have 3g connection

    • 1. You don’t have Swype installed, but you can install it from market
      2. Yeah, you have 3G, but this doesn’t mean that you can talk with video call. it just means that the data speed is better than 2G (normal speed for phones, like WAP). you need to have a front face camera…and at Galaxy 551 you don’t have…sorry

  2. hey its not compulsory to have front camera to make video calls

    for eg u can make video calls from nokia n91 which dont have front camera

      • hey dude who says swype dont sports 551 …i hv got d swype n m ejoin txtin…n i hardy pon my slider aftr dat

  3. hey recently last night i got swype update n its now supporting galaxy 5510 in 4 languages đŸ™‚

  4. For Live Wallpaper on Galaxy 551

    * Use at your own risk *

    Check this video

    You need to have a rooted phone

    First root the phone with Z4root.apk
    Use a terminal emulator application e.g. Better Termainal Emulator.apk

    Run the commands in adb shell or terminal emulator

    1.)Extract contents of sdcard.zip to your sdcard


    2.)Open the terminal emulator/adb shell
    3.)run the following code
    #busybox mount -o remount,rw /system
    #cat /sdcard/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk > /system/app/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk
    #cat /sdcard/libRS.so > /system/lib/libRS.so
    #cat /sdcard/librs_jni.so > /system/lib/librs_jni.so

    when asked for superuser privileges after su give them.

    Some wallpapers may not work,but almost all work.
    some wallpapers have serious lag.Phones may slow down considerably.
    Some wallpapers will give mipmap error.

  5. hi, (i m french)
    how to enable lives wallpapers on galaxy 551 Gingerbread 2.3.6 please? ? ?

    thanks for your answers đŸ™‚

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