196 comments on “Enable Live Wallpapers on Samsung Galaxy 551

  1. Hey using your files that you have posted i finally found a easier way to install live wallpapers..
    Try a software called diroid explorer
    now in this go to the system n then to app
    now here u need to pasted file LiveWallpapersPicker.apk (that u provided)
    now go to lib which is right there at down of app now here paste the files librs.so n librs_jni.

    all done remove phone from usb n restart it

    tada … finaly livewallpapers are installed

  2. How do you copy those files.
    I have rooted the phone using z4root.
    When i type the commands in terminal it says cant copy ,read only access 😦

  3. rookie mistake
    Forgot to add busybox in front of mount command
    Thanks a ton .Works perfectly

  4. @waveboy2
    I have rooted my phone using z4root
    How do i copy the code into terminal emulator? i dont see “equal to” and maybe other special characters anywhere!pls help.

    i tried your method but it is not working.
    After i copy the apk file to “app” folder but it isnt showing up! also i pasted the other files in lib folder and rebooted phone.but not working.did i do anything wrong?pls help


  5. and one more thing.
    in terminal emulator,wat do u mean by “use adb with shell command” .i dont understnad that…n also pls mentions which path should i start with bcoz i have changed default path..

    • ABD is a computer program. you open this program, connect the phone to your computer and you will use same commands as you use in terminal emulator app

  6. @pranay
    you have to remount in rw mode thats why the rw option
    just try adding busybox in front of mount command.
    Same thing for droid explorer .You have to remount in rw mode to copy the files.

  7. Thanks a lot !!
    finally with ur guidance n some more research i was able to do it 😀
    i did it with Droid explorer n i dint know how to mount…so aftr some research i found it 🙂
    looking forward to tweaking my phone with some more new things 😀

  8. But guys u tried exactly what i said..? if u did so i m damm sure u gonna make it… although live wallpapers have no use

  9. in droid explorer copy-paste didnt work for me.i had to paste the code aftr mounting.wish sumthn similar cud be done abt Flash!

  10. @pranay we are trying to workout on flash i too managed to get lib files but it seems hardware of out galaxy 5510 does not supports flash at all.,,, n due to this i m thinking to move on to nokia c6 or sony Ericsson Xperia pro first choice is Xperia pro but it gonna take time to manage pocket money 😉

  11. this is my video i have both swype n live wallpapers on my galaxy i5510

    nnn pllzzz i need suggestions on how to record videos without a good handycam

  12. Can someone make a clear video of this??
    I don’t get all the steps and what should be done on the phone and on the computer.

    • i can’t make a video now as i have enabled it already n the biggest reason i can’t make a video is “I DON’T HAVE A CAM CORDER ” so sorry but i m unable to make a video

      • i also enable it and it can give some errors, also if you saw my videos you can notice my camera isn’t clear enough to see what i am doing on the phone….sorry guys.
        but we are here to help

  13. guys,,use DROID EXPLORER,,n then connect your android,,,after connected. open CONSOLE at the DROID EXPLORER..
    after that,,just copy and paste what he say

    mount -o remount,rw,codepage=utf8,vfat,xattr,check=no /dev/stl5 /system

    cat /sdcard/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk > /system/app/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk

    cat /sdcard/libRS.so > /system/lib/libRS.so

    cat /sdcard/librs_jni.so > /system/lib/librs_jni.so


    * after you write “su” phone will ask for root permision, ALLOW it

    ** after every line press Enter

    this methode really simple,,,
    sorry for my bad english

    • line by line like u wrote
      mount -o remount,rw,codepage=utf8,vfat,xattr,check=no /dev/stl5 /system

      then after it u have to press enter .. i thinkk ..?? i managed to do it via my own mathod of copy paste

      come on i m india i belive on copy paste our whole constitute of the country is copy paste from the constitutes of other countries

      • do we have to copy paste the command in terminal emulater?????and when i wrote su it says acsess denied…..wat to do after that……

  14. and when i copy file system it says read only file system……wats the mean of this???? am i going in a right way or i m in a wrong way??????

  15. It didnt harm my phone.It’s just gives you superuser (root) privileges .No you cant root phone with a terminal emulator ,that will be a serious catch 22.

      • Even a open hearted(so called ) company like google has some limitations .Why would they provide tools to jailbreak their own OS in their own market? That’s like asking the security guard of a bank ,his gun ,to loot the bank.

  16. i m new in this ……..so i dont know anything in this….please help me from the very first process….plz…plz….plz….

  17. is there anyone who can help me by explaining the process step by step in simple language…..waveboy2u please help me…….

      • stay online ….dont go any where…..if there will be any problem i will ask u…plz…plz…

    • i have rooted and a new folder named superuser has came…..now wat to do????sorry for disturbing u….

      • The Superuser records which apps have been given superuser privileges .Nothing to worry.

        Open terminal emulator on phone or
        adb shell in computer

        *Give superuser permission when asked

        mount -o remount,rw,codepage=utf8,vfat,xattr,check=no /dev/stl5 /system
        cat /sdcard/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk > /system/app/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk
        cat /sdcard/libRS.so > /system/lib/libRS.so
        cat /sdcard/librs_jni.so > /system/lib/librs_jni.so

  18. i do no understand where is the end of line….please put a star where there is change of line…..please copy paste once more and put star where is necessary

  19. Type this
    mount rw,remount /system
    cat /sdcard/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk > /system/app/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk
    cat /sdcard/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk > /system/app/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk
    cat /sdcard/libRS.so > /system/lib/libRS.so
    cat /sdcard/librs_jni.so > /system/lib/librs_jni.so

    • Cannot create /system/app/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk read only file system this msg willl be displays,

  20. sorry

    mount rw,remount /system
    cat /sdcard/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk > /system/app/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk
    cat /sdcard/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk > /system/app/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk
    cat /sdcard/libRS.so > /system/lib/libRS.so
    cat /sdcard/librs_jni.so > /system/lib/librs_jni.so

  21. On other note
    Waveboy2U can you add shoutbox to your blog.It will be a nifty addition.
    Another thing I meant to ask.
    Does Galaxy Live Wallpaper work on your phone.It is one of the best live wallpapers and it doesnt work on mine 😦

  22. thanx i have updated swype for whom i’ve been searching for 2 months thanx to waveboy

  23. can anyone tell me easiest way to activate live walpapers on my galaxy 551… does it harms phone or voids warranty…plz plz its urgent

    • It voids warranty since you root your phone.There is an even easier way than this.But basically the chances of mistake are much more higher and I havent confirmed it’s working yet.Basically I installed it just as a whim.I have rarely used live wallpaper.I have spent more time installing it then using it.

  24. thank u..
    i hve been able 2 activate live wallpaper on my phone….
    now cn i del. sdcard.rar,terminal imulator nd can i unroot my phone back..so dat live walpapers keep on working…
    if del. dese files disabld my live walpapers..then pls reply me..

    • Terminal Emulator is a handy app.
      You can delete sdcard.rar ,the files on sd card.
      You can unroot phone too.
      The good news is ,no ,even if you hard reset your phone,live wallpaper will still be there.
      The bad news is if samsung care center guy notices this, then its bye bye warranty.

      • @karan ya it only voids if they got to know but in normal they don’t

  25. It’s a technicality which we have to explain it to newbies .Rooting voids warranty because we are using exploits to gain super user access.If they or us somehow manage to brick phone ,they should know the consequences .

  26. can anyone help i was reading these instructions to root my galaxy 551 but it’s around 35 mins my phone after rooting was reeboting and it is showing only starting window i am scared…
    plz help me

    • Umm dude,rooting is absolutely safe.But there always is one phone out there which may brick.Try removing battery.If everything fails ,boot in recovery and hard flash your phone.

  27. live wallpapers are safe to activate..
    if rooting viods warranty then by what method we can save our warranty and also activate live wallpapers..without being noticed
    because voiding 1 year warranty for wallpaper is not a good deal.

    • Well you can reflash the firmware with odin .The problem is there is no firmware of India available as of now .So that all depends on how good you can lie when the need of warranty arises.
      Technically speaking,you have voided warranty when you have used an exploit to gain superuser access.
      Superuser access is for people who want to take a leap of faith.

  28. but i have only rooted and then unrooted immediately i have not even tried to activate live… so how can now my warranty be voilated

    • You tried to access an exploit in android operating system which was customized by samsung.You tried to gain super user access when samsung does not permit to you.There are technicalities involved.
      There is a difference between technical and actual warranty void.Depends on how good you can lie to the customer care.:D
      Well I have installed live wallpapers, changed the scaling governors of cpu manually, and messed with Dalvik cache.So my opinion is not what you will like .:P

    • It’s all about bragging rights.Live wallpapers consume more battery but are sleek and shiny.Bragging rights vs Secure warranty.A good thumb rule is do experiments after 6 months .

    • haaa hhhaaa haaa mee too wanna know it as far i know i think its shown in the about phone option under kernal version or build number something look out there

      • well if super user permission is granted to them via adb shell, your phone is rooted.Quite elementary actually.

  29. hey adobe flash player is not available for my phone……….can anyone help me to activate this

  30. dude i need help pls: when i type in busybox mount rw,remount /system it says no such file or directory. i already unrared the sdcard.zip in my sdcard. what to do now?

    • No you cant .I dont think samsung has any plans of implementing gingerbread on 551.The possibilty of custom mod is slim.

  31. how to get the developer mode in samsung galaxy 551?? please help…stuck here only…download all the softwares…but dont know how to get the developer mode…

      • usb debug mode is on…then what should i do next…please help out..as i am new in android platform…thanks!!!

      • i have successfully rooted my phone but when i write above given mount -o remount command…it gives me an error directory not found…really stuck here…

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  33. can you please upload a video for the same please i will be very thankful to you

  34. hey plz give the full step to what to write in terminal emulator. It says……not found…..read only and all that.plz somebody help me.

  35. yes everything is installed
    but even then i m not able to install
    plz give copy paste lines plz

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  37. its not workin…
    i tried both ways…
    using droid and the terminal…
    its not givin me any errors but the option for live wallpapers is not showing only

  38. thanks it worked for my samsung galaxy 551
    so can i unroot my mobile without affecting activation of live wallpaper????

  39. is there any way to upgrade the firmware of this phone by rooting or any thing else…..

    plz reply…..

  40. I know that this question is a little irrelevant. but in your post there is a part where you type an “=” sign. How do I do that with the hardware keyboard?
    Also is there a way to get this symbol “~” on the hardware keyboard?

    • lol…i had that problem too…you have to close hardware keyboard and open the on-screen keeboard, do the = and…after that you can continue with hardware keyboard 🙂

      • So it isn’t there after all….. That’s dissapointing.
        I use the “=” and “~” a lot, and I rarely use the onscreen keyboard. is there a way to get them on it (like a custom keyboard software or something)

  41. Korak,
    turn off wifi,gps,bluetooth,auto-rotation if not required
    go to wireless and networks and enable 2g only,if u dont use 3g
    set screen brightness to 0percent when indoors
    reduce screen timeout to 15sec if convenient
    dont use live wallpaper (if u have installed it)

    for more control over your device, Root your phone and use CPU Tuner …(rooting may void warranty) ..with this u can reduce cpu usage. to tweak your phone visit Karans blog galaxy551.wordpress.com (research carefully first, coz this voids warranty and can permanently damage ur phone)

  42. hello waveboy2u,

    I have Galaxy 551 but i dont have adobe flash support for it. I really need it but failed to get it. any way to get working it????? Also i want adobe AIR support also. or shld i have to change my galaxy??? what is the solution?

  43. Thank you so much Wayboy, I learned many things from your website. I have rooted my phone & enabled live wallpaper on my Samsung Galaxy 551 (I5510), both worked like a charm. God bless you. Best regards from India.

  44. hey when i root my samsung 551 my phone gets switched off n when i start terminal emulator and write su it says access denied????? plz help i want to activate live wallpapers @skilledchaos

  45. Hey Teamspeak 3 is out for android. Can you do this for android 2.1, pls? Normally it works only on 2.2.

  46. i have rooted my phone and installed terminal emulator but wen i feed in

    cat /sdcard/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk > /system/app/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk
    its says cannot create. read-only file system.
    what should i do? sum1 help me plz

  47. HELLO guys i hav found a more easy way to install live wallpapers on thease phones…….
    1 root ur phone with “z4 mod”which can be found on 4shared website.
    2 download root explorer from market or 4shared and install it.
    3 unzip or unrar the sdcard.rar file trough pc to ur sd card.
    4 open root explorer and disable read only mode by clicking on the icon there “R/O” in root explorer on the top(the button is small)
    5 u get 3 files after unrar in that (root explorer)scroll down and u will see a folder sd card enter it and copy livewallpapers picker which u extracted and paste it to system>app
    6 and again go back to sd card folder and copy the two .so or somtin files that u get when unrared and paste them to system>lib and close all the apps(running)
    7 restart your phone.
    8 listen to this step carefully ……ENJOY the live wallpapers on ur phone..
    9 to get back u r warreny unroot u r phone with z4mod again . :p

    *allow super user permissions
    **be patient.
    ***have a antivirus in u r phone .(4shared files may contain virus)

    ***************i am not responsible for and damages this methods may cause to u r phone .as per i hav tried it and also my frens nothin happened so dont blame it on me*************

  48. hi guys i have samsung galaxy 551 handset there are lots of confusing way to enable live wallpaper but dont worry i’ll tell u easyest and effective way to how u can do this……….
    so here we go
    download (super user) and then (terminal emulator)
    then download file of (Z4root 1.3.0) apk might me guys u cant download this file to your cell phone or pc so download the zip file….
    and (sdcard.rar) u can download any these file from http://www.apktop.com
    exttrct file into memory card but make sure it shouldnt be in any folder then
    1st step
    open z4root click permanent boot ur cell will reboot
    after reboot ur super user and terminal emulator wil start working….. now
    go to
    terminal emulater
    fallow the same step that genlmen wrote

    mount -o remount,rw,codepage=utf8,vfat,xattr,check=no /dev/stl5 /system
    cat /sdcard/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk > /system/app/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk
    cat /sdcard/libRS.so > /system/lib/libRS.so
    cat /sdcard/librs_jni.so > /system/lib/librs_jni.so

    * after you write “su” phone will ask for root permision, ALLOW it

    ** after every line press Enter

    5) After phone reboots after opening u close all apps from task manager and then press home screen you can use Live Wallpapers

    well i have already try it if still any one have problem contect me at my email. wil give u my no. n help u……

  49. Hi waveboy,

    Thanks for the post… I was searching for this stuff since real long…
    Live wallpaper works perfectly on my GT-i5510…

    Please let us know if u have some more trick about this phone…

    Many Thanks….
    God bless you..

  50. hey,
    can u give me a new link for sdcard.rar to get the apk file.
    please do post it in another download site other than megaupload

  51. Hey my phone gets hang when z4root says: aquire root shell, it force close down….
    Please help !

    Also SuperOneClick do the following procedure and stops there:

    SuperOneClick v1.7.0.0
    Killing ADB Server…


    Starting ADB Server…
    * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
    * daemon started successfully *


    Waiting for device…


    Pushing psneuter…
    1738 KB/s (585731 bytes in 0.329s)


    chmod psneuter…


    Running psneuter…

    Anybody can help me ?

  52. Hallo everyone need help please

    i typed this
    mount -o remount,rw,codepage=utf8,vfat,xattr,check=no /dev/stl5 /system and came out like this
    Usage: mount [-r] [-w] [-o options] [-t type] device directory

    can anybody help me please

    thanks 🙂

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  54. Hey, waveboy, thanks for the amazing method. But it was only successful when I was on 2.2. Now I’m on 2.3.6 and it doesn’t work (gives read-only filesystem error even after following every instruction and command line-by-line. So any ideas on how to get it working on 2.3.6? Thanks 🙂

    • if ur 2.3.6 is rooted….and this method is not working…take a file manager with root access and manualy copy the files inside the /system/app (apk file) and /system/lib the lib files
      and it should work

  55. hey guys.. am new and i own a galaxy 551.. can i upgrade to gingerbread??
    If yes plz tell me how..

  56. i rooted my phone by z4root then i past live wallpaper picker in app and other two liblary files in lib. ….after that i successfully enabled the live wallpaper when i click livewallpaper then suddenly my phone hanged and my phone’s software was crupted…i repaired my phone. …now tell me another success way…..

    • what software do you have? when i made the tutorial it was for 2.2 ….now we have 2.3.6 …on the last one you just have to install new software…and it has it

      • i have 2.2 foroyo….pls tell me in detail how to enable live wallpaper …..pls i have to connect my phone to pc or without connect write in detail because many users coudn’t understand the whole procedure…….

      • Hey any idea how to install live wallpapers on 2.3.6, I used your method but i used root explorer to copy the files in the right folders instead of the termial and I rebooted and I did not work

  57. Ummmm….. I get everything except the part that megaupload.com has been seized by fbi so if u could give some other link that be good……

  58. hi friends i updated my phone samsung galaxy gt i 5510 2.2 to 2.3 gingerbred but my phone doesnt show livewallpaper. .pls tell me what should i do?

  59. Hi i have i5510 and i am downloaded livewallpaper picker and start to setup but before 1 2 secound finished installing and dont installed say notification how can i install i make a root and I am Turk but you say my Turkish not well and I write English and sorry for my English Please Help Me (-_-)

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