3 comments on “How to Improve your Android Phone battery life (2)

  1. Hey.. Hi.
    I want sincere opinion about the phone battery of “Samsung Galaxy 551”.
    2ndly, I want to know, whether we can create Documents and edit the documents by this phone? Is there are any facility inbuilt or any external SW??
    Can we read PDF files by this phone??
    Please reply me providing honest opinions and answers.

    • 1st. battery life…is normal for a smartphone…1-1.5 days..depends how you use it…(it can be less also)
      2nd to create documents u need an app, and to read pdf’s also u need an app, but you can download them from the Market. you can find free 🙂

      • Ok. Thanks a lot.
        Can you tell me the name of the software, which we can use? If possible.
        Should I buy this phone?
        Becoz, documents creating and modifying is the ‘MUST’ task for me.. and so PDF also plays very important role.
        That’s why, I am preferring QWERTY with Slider, so I get the space to view and edit docs.
        What’s ur opinion on this?

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